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Genesis Noach
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 9:21  9:22
9:23 Shem and Yefeth took a cloak and placed it on both their shoulders. Walking backwards, they then covered their father's nakedness. They faced away from him and did not see their father naked.
Vayikach Shem vaYefet et-hasimlah vayasimu al-shchem shneyhem vayelchu achoranit vayechasu et ervat avihem ufneyhem achoranit ve'ervat avihem lo ra'u.
9:24 Noah awoke from his wine-induced sleep, and he realized what his youngest son had done to him.
Vayikets Noach miyeno vayeda et asher-asah lo beno hakatan.


youngest son
  According to some authorities, the order of birth was Yefeth, Shem, Ham; thus Ham was the youngest (Ramban on 6:10; cf. Sefer HaYashar). In the Talmud, however, the order of birth is Yefeth, Ham, Shem (Sanhedrin 69b), and this is also the order in which the genealogies are presented (Genesis 11). Therefore Ham is not the youngest son, but the 'least son,' that is, the lowliest and least significant (Rashi). Others say that the 'youngest son' refers to Shem, and that Noah knew about the good deed that he did (Chizzkuni). Other ancient sources, however, state that the order of birth was Shem, Ham, Yefeth (Yoveloth 4:33; see note on Genesis 10:21).

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