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Genesis Noach
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 9:25  9:26
9:25 He said, 'Cursed is Canaan! He shall be a slave's slave to his brothers!'
Vayomer arur Kena'an eved avadim yihyeh le'echav.
9:26 He then said, 'Blessed be God, the Lord of Shem! Canaan shall be his slave!
Vayomer baruch Adonay Elohey Shem viyihi Chena'an eved lamo.
9:27 May God expand Yefeth, but may He dwell in the tents of Shem. Let Canaan be their slave!'
Yaft Elohim leYefet veyishkon be'aholey-Shem viyihi Chena'an eved lamo.
9:28 Noah lived 350 years after the flood.
Vayechi Noach achar hamabul shlosh me'ot shanah vachamishim shanah.
9:29 All of Noah's days were 950 years, and he died.
Vayehi kol-yemey-Noach tsha me'ot shanah vachamishim shanah vayamot.


Cursed is Canaan
  Or, 'Cursed is Canaan's father' (Saadia).

  Yaph't in Hebrew, a play on the name Yefeth. The word is from the root pathah, meaning to expand (Radak, Sherashim). This means that Yefeth was blessed that his descendants would be very populous and would have extensive lands (Bachya). Others note that the root pathah is used primarily in a psychological sense; therefore, the word denotes expansion and enlargement of the mind. The blessing would then be that Yefeth's descendants would have great intellectual accomplishments, and since Greece (Yavan) descended from Yefeth, this would allude to Greek philosophy (Hirsch).

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