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Blessed are You - the Lord our God, King of the universe, Rock of all ages, righteous in all generations, the faithful God, who says and does, who speaks and fulfils, for all His words are truth and righteousness.
Baruch atah Adonay, Eloheynu melech ha'olam, tsur kol-ha'olamim, tsadik bechol-hadorot, ha'El hane'eman, ha'omer ve'oseh, hamedaber umekayem, shekol-devarav emet vatsedek.
Faithful are You, O Lord our God, and faithful are Your words, and not one of Your words returns unfulfilled, for You are a faithful and merciful God and King.
Ne'eman, atah hu Adonay Eloheynu, vene'emanim devareycha, vedavar echad midvareycha achor lo-yashuv reykam, ki El melech ne'eman verachaman atah.
Blessed are You - the Lord, who art faithful in all His words.
Baruch atah Adonay, ha'El hane'eman bechol-devarav.
Have compassion on Zion for she is the source of our life, and save her that is grieved in spirit speedily in our days
Rachem al-Tsiyon, ki hi beyt chayeynu, vel'aluvat nefesh toshia bimherah veyameynu.
Blessed are You - the Lord, who makes Zion rejoice through her children.
Baruch atah Adonay, mesame'ach Tsiyon bevaneyha.
Bring us joy, O Lord our God, through Elijah the prophet, Your servant, and through the kingdom of the house of David Your anointed. May he soon come and gladden our hearts.
Samechenu, Adonay Eloheynu, be'Eliyahu hanavi avdecha, uvmalchut beyt David meshichecha. Bimherah yavo veyagel libenu,
Let no stranger to sit upon his throne, nor let others inherit his glory; for by Your holy name You swore to him, that his light would never be extinguished.
al kis'o lo yeshev zar, velo yinchalu od acherim et kevodo, ki veshem kodshecha nishbata lo, shelo yicbeh nero le'olam va'ed.
Blessed are You - the Lord, the shield of David.
Baruch atah Adonay, magen David.

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