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Leviticus Shemini
  Acharey Mot
On the eighth day of the dedication of the Mishkan, Aharon, his sons, and the entire nation bring various korbanot as commanded by Moshe. Aharon and Moshe bless the nation.

HaShem allows the Jewish People to sense His Presence after they complete the Mishkan and draw closer to Him through their Mitsvot there. Aharon's sons, Nadav and Avihu, innovate an original offering that was not commanded by HaShem. A fire comes out from before HaShem and consumes them, stressing the need to perform the commandments only as Moshe directs.

Moshe consoles Aharon, who grieves in silence. Moshe directs the Kohanim as to their behaviour during the mourning period and warns them that they must not drink intoxicating beverages before serving in the Mishkan. The Torah lists the two characteristics of a kosher animal: it has split hooves, and it chews, regurgitates, and re- chews its food. The Torah specifies by name those non-kosher animals which have only one of these two signs. A kosher fish has fins and easily removable scales. All birds not included in the list of forbidden families are permitted. The Torah forbids all types of insects except for four species of locusts. Details are given of the purification process after coming in contact with ritually impure species. The Beney Yisrael are commanded to be separate and holy -- like HaShem.

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