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Leviticus Metsora
  Acharey Mot
The Torah describes the procedure for a Metsora (a person afflicted with Tsara'at) upon conclusion of his isolation. This process extends for a week, and involves korbanot and immersions in the mikveh. Then, a Kohen must pronounce the Metsora pure. A Metsora of limited financial means may substitute lesser offerings for the more expensive animals. Before a Kohen diagnoses that a house has Tsara'at, household possessions are removed to prevent them from also being declared ritually impure. The Tsara'at is removed by smashing and rebuilding that section of the house; if it reappears, the entire building must be razed. The Torah details those bodily secretions that render a person spiritually impure, thereby preventing his contact with holy items, and how one regains a state of ritual purity.

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