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Genesis Lech Lecha
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
  VaYetse (Ashkenazim)

Lech Lecha

Isaiah 40:27 - 41:16  
41:2 Who stirred up one from the east, whom victory meets at every step? He subjugates nations to him, and makes kings submit to him. He renders them like dust with his sword, like driven stubble with his bow.
Mi he'ir mimizrach tsedek yikra'ehu leraglo yiten lefanav goyim umelachim yard yiten ke'afar charbo kekash nidaf kashto.
41:3 He pursues them, and goes on safely; he does not tread the way with his feet.
Yirdefem ya'avor shalom orach beraglav lo yavo.
41:4 Who performed and accomplished this? It was He who called the generations from the beginning: I, God, am the first, and with the last, I am He.
Mi-fa'al ve'asah koreh hadorot merosh ani Adonay rishon ve'et-acharonim ani hu.
41:5 The islands saw, and became afraid; the ends of the earth trembled: they drew near, and came.
Ra'u iyim veyira'u ketsot ha'arets yecheradu karevu vaye'etayun.

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