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Isaiah 49:14 - 51:3  
49:18 Lift up your eyes round about, and see: They all gather together to come to you. As I live, says God, you will surely adorn yourself with them like an ornament, and bind yourself with them like a bride.
Se'i-saviv eynayich ure'i kulam nikbetsu va'u-lach chay-ani neum-Adonay ki chulam ka'adi tilbashi utekashrim kakalah.
49:19 Then your waste and your desolate places and your devastated land will be too narrow for the inhabitants, and those who swallowed you up will be far away.
Ki chorvotayich veshomemotayich ve'erets harisutech ki atah tetsri miyoshev verachaku meval'ayich.
49:20 The children that were born in exile will again say in your ears: 'The place is too narrow for us; make room for us to dwell in.'
Od yomeru ve'oznayich beney shikulayich tsar-li hamakom geshah-li ve'eshevah.

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