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Mincha of Fast Days

Isaiah 55:6 - 56:8  
56:7 Then will I bring them to My holy mountain and I will make them joyful in the house where men pray to me, their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be favorably accepted upon My altar for My house shall be acclaimed as a house of prayer for all people.
Vahavi'otim el-har kodeshi vesimachtim beveyt tfilati oloteyhem vezivcheyhem leratson al-mizbechi ki veyti beyt-tfilah yikare lechol-ha'amim.
56:8 So says God who gathers the scattered ones of Israel, 'I will yet gather unto them those who will rally to the already gathered ones.'
Ne'um Adonay Elohim mekabets nidechey Yisra'el od akabets alav lenikbatsav.

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