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Genesis VaYeshev
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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 37:12  37:13
37:12 Second Reading
[Joseph's] brothers left to tend their father's sheep in Shechem.
Vayelchu echav lir'ot et-tson avihem biShchem.
37:13 Israel said to Joseph, 'I believe your brothers are keeping the sheep in Shechem. I would like you to go to them.'

'I'm ready,' replied [Joseph].
Vayomer Yisra'el el-Yosef halo acheycha ro'im biShchem lechah ve'eshlachacha aleyhem vayomer lo hineni.

37:14 'Then see how your brothers and the sheep are doing,' said [Israel]. 'Bring me a report.'

[Israel] thus sent him from the Hebron valley, and [Joseph] arrived in Shechem.
Vayomer lo lech-na re'eh et-shlom acheycha ve'et-shlom hatson vahashiveyni davar vayishlachehu me'Emek Chevron vayavo Shchemah.


  See Genesis 12:6, 33:18, 48:22. Shechem is some 48 miles north of Hebron.

I believe
  This is actually posed as a question, 'Aren't your brothers...?' In many cases, however, the question is rhetorical, and is more accurately translated as a statement. See Genesis 40:8.

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