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Genesis VaYeshev
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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39:23 The warden did not have to look after anything that was under [Joseph's] care. God was with [Joseph], and God granted him success in everything he did.
Eyn sar beyt-hasohar ro'eh et-kol-me'umah beyado ba'asher Adonay ito va'asher-hu oseh Adonay matsliach.
40:1 Seventh Reading
Soon after this, the Egyptian king's wine steward and baker offended their master, who was the king of Egypt.
Vayehi achar hadevarim ha'eleh chate'u mashkeh melech-Mitsrayim veha'ofeh la'adoneyhem lemelech Mitsrayim.


Soon after this
  Literally, 'after these events.' See Genesis 39:7.

  According to Midrashic tradition, there was a fly in the wine and a pebble in the bread (Bereshith Rabbah 88; Rashi). Others state that they tried to assassinate the king with poison (Targum Yonathan) or that they tried to seduce his daughter (Bereshith Rabbah).

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