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Genesis VaYigash
  Lech Lecha
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45:6 There has been a famine in the area for two years, and for another five years there will be no plowing or harvest.
Ki-zeh shnatayim hara'av bekerev ha'arets ve'od chamesh shanim asher eyn-charish vekatsir.
45:7 God has sent me ahead of you to insure that you survive in the land and to keep you alive through such extraordinary means.
Vayishlacheni Elohim lifneychem lasum lachem she'erit ba'arets ulehachayot lachem lifleytah gedolah.
45:8 Third Reading
'Now it is not you who sent me here, but God. He has made me Pharaoh's vizier, director of his entire government, and dictator of all Egypt.
Ve'atah lo-atem shlachtem oti henah ki ha'Elohim vayesimeni le'av le-Far'oh ule'adon lechol-beyto umoshel bechol-erets Mitsrayim.


extraordinary means
  Literally, 'through great deliverance' (Septuagint). It can also be read, 'To keep alive for you a great survival,' which means, 'to insure that a great many of you survive' (Yov'loth 43:18).

Pharaoh's vizier
  Literally, 'a father to Pharaoh.' See note on Genesis 41:43. 'Pharaoh's father' was an ancient term for the royal vizier.

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