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Exodus Shemot
  Ki Tisa
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2:11 Third Reading
When Moses was grown, he began to go out to his own people, and he saw their hard labor. [One day] he saw an Egyptian kill one of his fellow Hebrews.
Vayehi bayamim hahem vayigdal Moshe vayetse el-echav vayar besivlotam vayar ish Mitsri makeh ish-Ivri me'echav.
2:12 [Moses] looked all around, and when he saw that no one was [watching], he killed the Egyptian and hid his body in the sand.
Vayifen koh vachoh vayar ki eyn ish vayach et-haMitsri vayitmenehu bachol.


  According to various opinions, he was 12 (Sh'moth Rabbah 5:1), 18 (Sefer HaYashar), 20 (Sh'moth Rabbah 1), 21 (Yov'loth 47:10), 29 (Shalsheleth HaKabbalah), 32 (BeMidbar Rabbah 14:40), 40 (Sh'moth Rabbah 1), 50 (Artapanus, loc. cit.), or 60 years old (Rabbi Moshe HaDarshan, Bereshith Rabathai, p. 13) at the time.

  (Sh'moth Rabbah 1:32). Or 'beating.'

fellow Hebrews
  According to tradition, the Hebrew was the husband of Shelomith, daughter of Dibri of Dan, mentioned in Leviticus 24:10, 11 (Sh'moth Rabbah 1:32; Tanchuma 9). According to others, he was a fellow member of Moses' sub-tribe, Kehoth (Pirkey Rabbi Eliezer 48).

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