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Exodus Shemot
  Ki Tisa
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3:16 Fifth Reading
'Go, gather the elders of Israel, and say to them, 'YHVH, the God of your fathers, appeared to me - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He said, 'I have granted you special providence regarding what is happening to you in Egypt.
Lech ve'asafta et-zikney Yisra'el ve'amarta alehem Adonay Elohey avoteychem nir'ah elay Elohey Avraham Yitschak veYa'akov lemor pakod pakadeti etchem ve'et-he'asuy lachem beMitsrayim.


elders of Israel
  The 70 elders (Exodus 24:1,9; Numbers 11:16,24) which would later constitute the Great Sanhedrin. Like any other prophet, Moses would first have to establish his credentials with the Sanhedrin (Hai Gaon, in Teshuvoth HaGeonim, Shaarey Teshuvah 14).

special providence
  The same words used by Joseph (Genesis 50:24,25).

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