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16:36 An omer is a tenth of an ephah.
Veha'omer asirit ha'efah hu.
17:1 Seventh Reading
The entire Israelite community moved on from the Sin desert, traveling according to God's instructions until they camped in Rephidim. There was no water for the people to drink.
Vayis'u kol-adat bney-Yisra'el mimidbar-Sin lemas'eyhem al-pi Adonay vayachanu biRefidim ve'eyn mayim lishtot ha'am.
17:2 The people began to quarrel with Moses. 'Give us water to drink!' they exclaimed.

'Why are you quarreling with me?' asked Moses. 'Are you trying to test God?'
Vayarev ha'am im-Moshe vayomeru tnu-lanu mayim venishteh vayomer lahem Moshe mah-terivun imadi mah-tenasun et-Adonay.


  A measure, equal to 5 gallons or 22 liters.

  Some say that this alludes to the stops in Dophkah and Alush, mentioned in Numbers 33:12,13 (Ibn Ezra; cf. Ramban).

  This is usually thought to be Wadi Refayad, some 10 miles west of Mount Sinai (Jebal Musa) (cf. Ramban on Exodus 17:5). It is a day's journey from Sinai, and 2 days from Elim (Masa'oth Rabbi Binyamin 24). Others say that it is the upper part of the oasis of Feiran, the broad long oasis that is the most fertile part of Sinai, or alternatively, the narrow defile, el-Watiya, 27 miles beyond Feiran.

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