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Exodus Terumah
  Ki Tisa
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26:13 The extra cubit on both sides in the length of the tent's sheets shall hang down over the sides of the [tapestries of the] tabernacle to cover them on both sides.
Veha'amah mizeh veha'amah mizeh ba'odef be'orech yeri'ot ha'ohel yihyeh saru'ach al-tsidey haMishkan mizeh umizeh lechasoto.
26:14 Make a roof for the tent out of reddened rams' skins. Above it make a roof out of the blue processed hides.
Ve'asita michseh la'ohel orot eylim me'odamim umichseh orot tchashim milemalah.
26:15 Fourth Reading
Make upright beams for the tabernacle out of acacia wood.
Ve'asita et-hakrasim laMishkan atsey shitim omedim.


  Literally 'covering.'

Above it
  This is disputed; according to some, there was a single covering, made of the red and blue hides (Bareitha 3).

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