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  Ki Tisa
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26:30 You will then be ready to set up the tabernacle in the proper manner, as you were shown on the mountain.
Vahakemota et-haMishkan kemishpato asher hor'eyta bahar.
26:31 Fifth Reading
Make a cloth partition out of sky-blue, dark red and crimson [wool, woven together] with twined linen. Cherubs shall be woven into it [so that they can be seen on both sides].
Ve'asita farochet techelet ve'argaman vetola'at shani veshesh moshezar ma'aseh choshev ya'aseh otah keruvim.


as you were shown...
  This would indicate that the commandment came after the 40 days (see note on Exodus 25:1).

cloth partition
  Parocheth in Hebrew. The same word is now used for the covering of the Torah ark.

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