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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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5:24 Last Reading
or anything else regarding which he swore falsely.

He must make restitution of the principal, and then add one-fifth to it. On the day [that he seeks atonement for] his crime, he must give it to its rightful owner.
O mikol asher-yishava alav lasheker veshilam oto berosho vachamishitav yosef alav la'asher hu lo yitnenu beyom ashmato.

5:25 He must then bring to the priest his sin offering to God. It shall be an unblemished ram, worth the prescribed amount, as a guilt offering.
Ve'et-ashamo yavi l'Adonay ayil tamim min-hatson be'erkecha le'asham el-hakohen.


  (Rashi). Rosh in Hebrew, literally 'head.' Or, 'He must repay it by himself' (Ibn Ezra), or, 'He must first make restitution' (Chizzkuni; Ralbag).

that he seeks atonement for
  (Abarbanel; Rashbam), or, 'on the day he brings his guilt sacrifice' (Chizzkuni). Or, 'As [much as it was worth] on the day of his crime, he must return ...' (Sifra; Bava Metzia 43b; Yad, Gezelah 3:1).

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