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Numbers BeMidbar
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 2:1  2:2
2:1 Third Reading
God spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying:
Vayedaber Adonay el-Moshe ve'el-Aharon lemor.
2:2 The Israelites shall camp with each person near the banner having his paternal family's insignia. They shall camp at a specified distance around the Communion Tent.
Ish al-diglo ve'otot leveyt avotam yachanu beney Yisra'el mineged saviv le'ohel-mo'ed yachanu.
2:3 Camping to the east (the direction of sunrise) shall be the divisions under the banner of Judah.

The leader of Judah's descendants was Nachshon son of Aminadav.
Vehachonim kedmah mizrachah degel machaneh Yehudah letsiv'otam venasi livney Yehudah Nachshon ben-Aminadav.

2:4 The tally of his division was 74,600.
Utsva'o ufkudeyhem arba'ah veshiv'im elef veshesh me'ot.


specified distance
  2000 cubits (3000 feet or approximately 7/16 mile); see Numbers 35:5; Joshua 3:4 (Tanchuma 9; Rashi). Neged in Hebrew (cf. Ibn Ezra). Or, 'near each other' (Septuagint).

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