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Numbers Shlach
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14:6 Among the men who had explored the land, Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Yefuneh tore their clothes in grief.
ViYehoshua bin-Nun veChalev ben-Yefuneh min-hatarim et-ha'arets kar'u bigdeyhem.
14:7 They said to the whole Israelite community, 'The land through which we passed in our explorations is a very, very good land!
Vayomeru el-kol-adat beney-Yisra'el lemor ha'arets asher avarnu vah latur otah tovah ha'arets me'od me'od.
14:8 Third Reading
If God is satisfied with us and brings us to this land, He can give it to us - a land flowing with milk and honey.
Im-chafets banu Adonay vehevi otanu el-ha'arets hazot unetanah lanu erets asher-hi zavat chalav udvash.

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