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15:26 Since all the people acted without knowledge, the entire Israelite community along with the proselytes who join them shall thus be forgiven.
Venislach lechol-adat bney Yisra'el velager hagar betocham ki lechol-ha'am bishgagah.
15:27 Seventh Reading
If a single individual commits [such a sin] inadvertently, he must bring a yearling female goat for a sin offering.
Ve'im-nefesh achat techeta vishgagah vehikrivah ez bat-shnatah lechatat.
15:28 The priest will then make atonement before God for the individual who sinned inadvertently, to expiate his sin, and he will be forgiven.
Vechiper hakohen al-hanefesh hashogeget bechet'ah vishgagah lifney Adonay lechaper alav venislach lo.


  Even a high priest or king. In this respect also, idolatry is different from other sins (see Leviticus 4; Horayoth 7b; Yad, Shegagoth 1:4).

yearling female goat
  Not like the other sins where one can also bring a lamb (Leviticus 4:32; Rashi; Yad, loc. cit.).

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