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1:45 You came back and wept before God, but God would neither listen to you nor pay attention to you.
Vatashuvu vativku lifney Adonay velo-shama Adonay bekolechem velo he'ezin aleychem.
1:46 You remained in Kadesh Barnea for a long time, as long as you remained [in all the other places].
Vateshvu veKadesh yamim rabim kayamim asher yeshavtem.
2:1 We then turned around and headed into the desert toward the Southern Sea as God had told me. We traveled around in the Seir highlands for a long time.
Vanefen vanisa hamidbarah derech Yam-Suf ka'asher diber Adonay elay vanasov et-har-Se'ir yamim rabim.
2:2 Fifth Reading
God said to me,
Vayomer Adonay elay lemor.
2:3 'You have traveled around these highlands long enough. Turn around [and head] north.
Rav-lachem sov et-hahar hazeh penu lachem tsafonah.


in all the other places
  (Saadia; Rashi). Some say that the Israelites were in Kadesh Barnea for 19 years (Seder Olam 8; Rashi; Lekach Tov), while others indicate that they were there for 18 (Moreh Nevukhim 3:50; Midrash HaGadol). See note on Numbers 33:18.

Southern Sea
  See Deuteronomy 1:40.

Seir highlands
  See Genesis 14:6, 36:8.

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