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Deuteronomy Ekev
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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11:10 Sixth Reading
The land which you are about to occupy is not like Egypt, the place you left, where you could plant your seed and irrigate it by yourself, just like a vegetable garden.
Ki ha'arets asher atah va-shamah lerishtah lo che'erets Mitsrayim hi asher yetsatem misham asher tizra et-zar'acha vehishkita veraglecha kegan hayarak.
11:11 But the land which you are crossing to occupy is a land of mountains and valleys, which can be irrigated only by the rain.
Veha'arets asher atem overim shamah lerishtah erets harim uveka'ot limtar hashamayim tishteh-mayim.


by yourself
  (Targum Yonathan). Or, 'with your feet' (Rashi; Septuagint).

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