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Deuteronomy Ki Tavo
  Ki Tetse
  Ki Tavo
  Vezot HaBerachah
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Ki Tavo

26:16 Third Reading
Today God your Lord is commanding you to obey all these rules and laws. You must carefully keep them with all your heart and with all your soul.
Hayom hazeh Adonay Eloheycha metsavecha la'asot et-hachukim ha'eleh ve'et-hamishpatim veshamarta ve'asita otam bechol-levavcha uvechol-nafshecha.


  Now that Moses has finished declaring all the commandments to the Israelites (Ramban; Abarbanel). They are also about to enter into the covenant; Deuteronomy, 29:11 (Sforno). This concludes the second part of Deuteronomy, from 12:1 to here, 26:16, where Moses clarifies the last commandments given to the Israelites (HaKethav VeHaKabbalah; Malbim; cf. 1:3).

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