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35:3 We are setting out and going up to Beth El. There I will make an altar to God, who answered me in my time of trouble, and who has been with me on the journey that I have taken.'
Venakumah vena'aleh Beyt-El ve'e'eseh-sham mizbe'ach la-El ha'oneh oti beyom tsarati vayehi imadi baderech asher halachti.
35:4 They gave Jacob all the idolatrous artifacts that they had, even the rings in their ears. Jacob buried them under the terebinth tree near Shechem.
Vayitnu el-Ya'akov et kol-elohey hanechar asher beyadam ve'et-hanezamim asher be'ozneyhem vayitmon otam Ya'akov tachat ha'elah asher im-Shchem.


terebinth tree...
  See note on Genesis 12:6. It was under this tree that Joshua later set up a stone (Joshua 24:26; Rashi ad loc.).

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