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35:16 They moved on from Beth El, and were some distance from Ephrath when Rachel began to give birth. Her labor was extremely difficult.
Vayis'u mi-Beyt El vayehi-od kivrat-ha'arets lavo Efratah vateled Rachel vatekash belidetah.
35:17 When her labor was at its worst, the midwife said to her, 'Don't be afraid. This one will also be a son for you.'
Vayehi behakshotah belidetah vatomer lah hameyaledet al-tire'i ki-gam-zeh lach ben.


some distance
  About half a mile (Maasoth Binyamin 10). It was to the north of Ephrath or Bethlehem.

  Bethlehem (Genesis 35:19). See Genesis 48:7. Also see 1 Samuel 17:12, Micah 5:1, Psalms 132:6, Ruth 1:2, 4:11, 1 Chronicles 2:24. It is 5 miles south of Jerusalem, and 16 miles from Bethel.

also be a son
  See Genesis 30:24.

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