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36:12 Timna became the concubine of Esau's son Eliphaz, and she bore Eliphaz's son Amalek. All these are the descendants of Esau's wife Adah.
VeTimna hayetah filegesh le-Elifaz ben-Esav vateled le-Elifaz et-Amalek eleh bney Adah eshet Esav.
36:13 These are the sons of Reuel: Nachath, Zerach, Shamah, and Mizzah. These are the descendants of Esau's wife Basemath.
Ve'eleh bney Re'u'el Nachat vaZerach Shamah uMizah eleh hayu bney Vosmat eshet Esav.


  She was the daughter of Seir the Horite; Genesis 36:22. Although she was a princess, she was content to be a concubine in Abraham's family (Sanhedrin 99b; Rashi). In 1 Chronicles 1:36, however, Timna is seen as a daughter of Eliphaz. According to Talmudic tradition, Eliphaz fathered Timna by committing adultery with Seir's wife, and then he married her (Tanchuma, VaYeshev 2; Rashi; BaMidbar Rabbah 14:10). Others say that the Timna in Chronicles is a different individual (Radak on Chronicles; Ramban). See Lekach Tov; Rashbam, here. This may be the Timna in Genesis 36:40, and she may have been a woman (see Rashba, Bava Bathra 115b).

  Israel's arch-enemy; Exodus 17:16, Deuteronomy 25:19. See Genesis 36:16.

  See Genesis 36:5,18.

  See Genesis 36:33.

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