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36:39 Baal Chanan son of Akhbor died, and he was succeeded as king by Hadar. The name of his capital was Pau. His wife's name was Meheitaval, daughter of Matred, daughter of May Zahav.
Vayamot Ba'al Chanan ben-Achbor vayimloch tachtav Hadar veshem iro Pa'u veshem ishto Meheytav'el bat- Matred bat Mey Zahav.


  In 1 Chronicles 1:50 it is Hadad. He was from Aramaea and reigned for 48 years, from 2446 to 2493/4. He was defeated and killed 5 years after the death of Moses (Sefer HaYashar 203, 228). Since the Torah was written while he was still alive, there is no mention of his death here, but it is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 1:50 (Malbim on Chronicles). He was the king who refused the Israelites passage through his land (Numbers 20:14).

  In 1 Chronicles 1:50 it is Pa'i (Radak ad loc.).

May Zahav
  Literally Water of Gold or Gold-water. The verse appears to indicate that Meheitaval was the daughter of both Matred and May Zahav (cf. 36:2). Thus, May Zahav may have been her grandfather. Alternatively, Matred and May Zahav were her father and mother (Ibn Ezra). Other sources say that May Zahav was Matred's nickname, because he could pour gold like water (Lekach Tov; Bachya; cf. Targum Yonathan). Others say that he was a refiner of gold, melting gold like water (Targum Onkelos; Saadia).

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