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 36:41  36:42
36:43 the tribe of Magdiel, the tribe of Iram.

These are the tribes of Esau, each with its own settlements in its hereditary lands. This is how Esau was the ancestor of the Edomites.
Aluf Magdi'el aluf Iram eleh alufey Edom lemoshvotam be'erets achuzatam hu Esav avi Edom.


  Some say that this is the tribe that founded Rome (Pirkey Rabbi Eliezer 38; Rashi; cf. Bereshith Rabbah 83). Some say that Magdiel was a son of Korach (Sefer HaYashar). There are also traditions that Eliphaz's son Tzefo (Genesis 36:11) founded Rome or settled the area (Yosippun 2; Yalamdenu 72, in Batey Midrashim 1:160). He became king over the Italians in 2316, and this was 78 years after Jacob arrived in Egypt (Sefer HaYashar pp. 172, 175).

  Also a son of Korach (Sefer HaYashar, p. 97). There is a tradition that he will bring gifts to the Messiah (Bereshith Rabbah 83).

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