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Genesis VaYeshev
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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40:7 He tried to find out what was wrong with Pharaoh's courtiers who were his fellow prisoners in his master's house. 'Why do you look so worried today?' he asked.
Vayish'al et-srisey Far'oh asher ito vemishmar beyt adonav lemor madua pneychem ra'im hayom.
40:8 'We [each] had a dream,' they replied, 'and there is no one [here] to interpret it.'

'Interpretations are God's business,' replied Joseph. 'If you want to, tell me about [your dreams].'
Vayomeru elav chalom chalamnu ufoter eyn oto vayomer alehem Yosef halo le-Elohim pitronim sapru-na li.

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