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41:33 'Now Pharaoh must seek out a man with insight and wisdom, and place him in charge of Egypt.
Ve'atah yere Far'oh ish navon vechacham viyishitehu al-erets Mitsrayim.
41:34 Pharaoh must then take further action, and appoint officials over the land. A rationing system will have to be set up over Egypt during the seven years of surplus.
Ya'aseh Far'oh veyafked pekidim al-ha'arets vechimesh et-erets Mitsrayim besheva shney hasava.


A rationing system...
  (Saadia; cf. Josephus 2:5:7). Chimesh in Hebrew. Other have 'alert Egypt' (Rashi; cf. Exodus 13:18, Joshua 1:14, 4:12, Judges 7:11), or, 'collect a fifth of Egypt's produce' (Targum Yonathan; Rashbam; Ibn Ezra; Radak; see Genesis 47:24). Some say, 'Divide Egypt into five administrative districts' (cf. Isaiah 19:18).

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