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45:10 You will be able to settle in the Goshen district and be close to me - you, your children, your grandchildren, your sheep, your cattle, and all that you own.
Veyashavta ve'erets-Goshen vehayita karov elay atah uvaneycha uvney vaneycha vetsoncha uvekarcha vechol-asher-lach.
45:11 I will fully provide for you there, since there will still be another five years of famine. I do not want you to become destitute, along with your family and all that is yours.'
Vechilkalti otcha sham ki-od chamesh shanim ra'av pen-tivaresh atah uveytcha vechol-asher-lach.


Goshen district
  This is an area in the eastern Nile delta, west of what is now the northern Suez Canal. It was close to the capital, and thus close to where Joseph was living. It was also the part of Egypt close to Canaan (Genesis 46:29). It is usually said to be the area between Tanis (Onomed) and Memphis (Judith 1:9,10). Josephus identifies it with the Heliopolis region (Antiquities 2:7:6, see Genesis 47:11). The Septuagint (on Genesis 46:28) renders Goshen as Hero-opolis, which is south of Pelusium and northeast of Cairo (Ptolemy, Geography 4:5). Elsewhere, the Septuagint speaks of it as 'the Arab land of Gesem' (on Genesis 46:34). The area to the east of the Nile was known as the Arabian territory (Herodotus 2:8).

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