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47:29 When Israel realized that he would soon die, he called for his son Joseph. 'If you really want to do me a kindness,' he said, 'place your hand under my thigh. Act toward me with truth and kindness, and do not bury me in Egypt.
Vayikrevu yemey Yisra'el lamut vayikra liveno le-Yosef vayomer lo im-na matsati chen be'eyneycha sim-na yadecha tachat yerechi ve'asita imadi chesed ve'emet al-na tikbereni beMitsrayim.


When Israel realized...
  Literally, 'The days grew near for Israel to die.'

If you really want to do me a kindness
  Literally, 'If I have found favor in your eyes.' Here it is obvious that Jacob does not mean it literally, since he is speaking to his son. It is possible that this expression has the same idiomatic meaning in Genesis 18:3, 19:19, 30:27, 33:10, 33:15, 34:11, 39:4. The expression may have been used both literally and idiomatically (cf. Hirsch).

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