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49:19 Fifth Reading
'Raiders (gad) shall raid Gad, but he will raid at [their] heel.
Gad gedud yegudenu vehu yagud akev.
49:20 'From Asher shall come the richest foods; he shall provide the king's delights.
Me'Asher shmenah lachmo vehu yiten ma'adaney-melech.
49:21 Naphtali is a deer running free; he delivers words of beauty.
Naftali ayalah shluchah hanoten imrey-shafer.


Raiders shall raid God...
  (Ibn Ezra; Radak; Ralbag; Yerushalmi, Sotah 8:10; cf. Sh'muel ben Chofni). Literally, 'Gad, a troop (gedud) shall raid him (ye-gud-enu), and he shall raid (ya-gud) heel.' Others have, 'Gad shall provide a raiding troop, and his troop shall return on his path' (Rashi; Lekach Tov); 'Troops shall follow Gad, and then he shall bring up the rear' (Targum; Rashbam); 'Gad shall go forward and attack (in contrast to Dan), and he shall attack [the enemy's] heel' (Sforno); 'Gad shall constantly be attacked, but he will pursue his foes' (Ramban); 'Raiders will attack Gad, but he will cut off their heel' (Sh'muel ben Chofni; Bachya; Tur); 'Plunderers shall cut at Gad, but he will cut at their heel' (Hirsch); 'Gad shall overflow with troops...' (Lekach Tov); '...and he will have the final victory' (Tanchuma 12; Abarbanel); 'Gad's masses will come together, and he will remain together in the end' (Abarbanel); 'Gad will attack head-on, and he will [also] attack from the rear' (Malbim); or 'Good fortune will pursue Gad, and he will have good fortune in the end' (cf. Genesis 30:10).

the king's delights
  Or 'sweetmeats fit for a king.'

  Literally, a 'she-deer' or 'hind.' Others, 'gazelle.' It can also be translated as a tree or plain (see other notes on Genesis 49:21).

running free
  Or 'sent.' Or, 'a gazelle-like messenger' (Hirsch); or, 'A hind sent as a gift' (Ibn Ezra). Cf. Tzava'ath Naphtali 2:1. See other notes on Genesis 49:21.

he delivers
  (Rashi; Rashbam). Or, 'which delivers' (Ramban).

words of beauty
  (Rashi; Ibn Ezra; Radak). Or, 'words of victory' (Rashbam). Others translate this verse, 'Naphtali is a spreading tree, that puts out beautiful branches (Baaley Tosafoth; Malbim); or 'Naphtali is a full-bearing field, that bears beautiful trees (Chizzkuni; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah; cf. Targum). Possibly, 'beautiful foals' (cf. Targum on Genesis 30:32; Eruvin 53b).

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