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Genesis VaYechi
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49:31 This is where Abraham and his wife Sarah are buried; this is where Isaac and his wife Rebecca are buried; and this is where I buried Leah.
Shamah kaveru et-Avraham ve'et Sarah ishto shamah kaveru et-Yitschak ve'et Rivkah ishto veshamah kavarti et-Leah.
49:32 The purchase of the field and its cave from the children of Heth [is still recognized].'
Mikneh hasadeh vehamearah asher-bo me'et beney Chet.


Abraham and Sarah...
  See Genesis 23:19, 25:9.

Isaac and Rebecca
  Genesis 35:29. There, however, it does not mention that Isaac was buried in Makhpelah.

buried Leah
  The burial of Rebecca and Leah is not mentioned previously. An ancient source states that Leah was buried 'near Rebecca, to the left of Sarah' (Yov'loth 36:21). For a discussion of how the graves were arranged, see MeAm Lo'ez/The Torah Anthology 3:549.

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