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50:9 A chariot brigade and horsemen also went with them. It was a very imposing retinue.
Vaya'al imo gam-rechev gam-parashim vayehi hamachaneh kaved me'od.
50:10 They came to Bramble Barn (Goren HaAtad) on the bank of the Jordan, and there they conducted a great, imposing funeral. [Joseph] observed a seven day mourning period for his father.
Vayavo'u ad-Goren ha'Atad asher be'ever haYarden vayispedu sham misped gadol vechaved me'od vaya'as le'aviv evel shiv'at yamim.


Bramble Barn
  Or 'Bramble Threshing Floor' (see Judges 9:14, Psalms 58:10; Targum on Genesis 2:18; Shevi'ith 7:5). On the basis of the Septuagint and cognate Semitic words, the atad here is identified as the Box Thorn (Lycium europaeum), which is known to grow on the bank of the Jordan. As Maimonides notes (on Shevi'ith 7:5; cf. Saadia), it has black edible seeds (Sherashim). The Septuagint and the Vulgate translate it as Rhammus; while the Radak renders it in Spanish as cardon, the spurge.

  Literally, 'on the other side of the Jordan.' Usually, this is given with relation to the Holy Land, so this would be the east bank of the Jordan (Rabbenu Meyuchas). Cf. Numbers 32:19, Deuteronomy 1:1, 3:8, 4:49, 11:30; Joshua 1:14. This would indicate that instead of coming to Canaan along the coastal route, Joseph took the King's Highway (Numbers 20:17, 21:22), which lead to the trans-Jordan region. This was the route of the Exodus. According to others, however, 'the other side' here denotes the west bank of the Jordan (Sekhel Tov; Chizzkuni).

seven day mourning period
  Cf. 1 Samuel 31:13, Job 2:13. According to some sources, this is the source of the practice of sitting seven days in mourning (shiva) (Yerushalmi, Mo'ed Katan 3:5; Pirkey Rabbi Eliezer 17).

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