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Exodus Shemot
  Ki Tisa
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3:18 'They will take what you say seriously. You and the elders of Israel will then go to the king of Egypt. You must tell him, 'YHVH, God of the Hebrews, revealed Himself to us. Now we request that you allow us to take a three day journey into the desert, to sacrifice to YHVH our God.'
Veshame'u lekolecha uvata atah vezikney Yisra'el el-melech Mitsrayim va'amartem elav Adonay Elohey ha'Ivri'im nikra aleynu ve'atah nelchah-na derech shloshet yamim bamidbar venizbecha l'Adonay Eloheynu.
3:19 'I know in advance that the Egyptian king will not allow you to leave unless he is forced to do so.
Va'ani yadati ki lo-yiten etchem melech Mitsrayim lahaloch velo beyad chazakah.


three day journey
  Around 120 miles. See note on Exodus 3:1.

unless he is forced...
  (Ralbag; Septuagint). Literally, 'and not with a strong hand.' Alternatively, 'and not even by threat of force' (Ramban; Hirsch); 'even after a show of force' (Chizzkuni; Sforno); 'but not because of his strength' (Rashi; Rashbam); 'even after My miracles' (Abarbanel); or 'and most emphatically so.'

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