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Exodus Shemot
  Ki Tisa
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4:26 [God] then spared [Moses]. '[You were] married to blood because of circumcision,' she said.
Vayiref mimenu az amerah chatan damim lamulot.
4:27 God said to Aaron, 'Go meet Moses in the desert.'

[Aaron] went, and when he met [Moses] near God's Mountain, he kissed him.
Vayomer Adonay el-Aharon lech likrat Moshe hamidbarah vayelech vayifgeshehu behar ha'Elohim vayishak-lo.


to Aaron
  Who was then in Egypt.

God's mountain
  See note on Exodus 3:1, that this appears to indicate that Sinai was on a direct route between Egypt and Midian. However, God may have been angry with Moses for taking this indirect route through the southern Sinai (see note on Exodus 4:24).

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