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13:13 Every firstling donkey must be redeemed with a sheep. If it is not redeemed, you must decapitate it.

You must [also] redeem every first-born among your sons.
Vechol-peter chamor tifdeh veseh ve'im-lo tifdeh va'arafto vechol bechor adam bevaneycha tifdeh.


decapitate it
  (Rashi; Ibn Ezra; Bertenoro on Bekhoroth 1:7). The word araf here apparently means to sever the spinal column. The animal is struck on the back of the neck with a cleaver (Bekhoroth 10b, 13a) with enough force to sever the spinal column, the gullet and the windpipe (Yerushalmi, Sotah 9:5, 43a; cf. Sotah 46b). See Exodus 34:20. Also see Deuteronomy 21:4, Isaiah 66:3, Hosea 10:2.

redeem every first-born...
  For five shekels; Numbers 3:47, 18:15. See Exodus 22:28, Leviticus 8:16.

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