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  Ki Tisa
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 15:24  15:25
15:24 The people complained to Moses. 'What shall we drink?' they demanded.
Vayilonu ha'am al-Moshe lemor mah-nishteh.
15:25 When [Moses] cried out to God, He showed him a certain tree. [Moses] threw it into the water, and the water became drinkable.

It was there that [God] taught them survival techniques and methods, and there He tested them.
Vayits'ak el-Adonay vayorehu Adonay ets vayashlech el-hamayim vayimteku hamayim sham sam lo chok umishpat vesham nisahu.

15:26 He said, 'If you obey God your Lord and do what is upright in His eyes, carefully heeding all His commandments and keeping all His decrees, then I will not strike you with any of the sicknesses that I brought on Egypt. I am God who heals you.'
Vayomer im-shamoa tishma lekol Adonay Eloheycha vehayashar be'eynav ta'aseh veha'azanta lemitsvotav veshamarta kol- chukav kol-hamachalah asher-samti beMitsrayim lo-asim aleycha ki ani Adonay rof'echa.


  Or a piece of wood (Josephus 2:3:2). It is said to be a fig, pomegranate, or oleander (Mekhilta; MeAm Lo'ez). Josephus writes that they also purged the well by pouring out large amounts of water from it.

survival techniques...
  (Ramban; Tur). Or, 'a decree and a law' (Mekhilta; Rashi).

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