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Exodus BeShalach
  Ki Tisa
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16:24 They put it away until [Saturday] morning, as Moses had instructed. It was not putrid, and there were no maggots in it.
Vayanichu oto ad-haboker ka'asher tsivah Moshe velo hiv'ish verimah lo hayetah-bo.
16:25 Moses announced, 'Eat it today, for today is God's Sabbath. You will not find [anything] in the field today.
Vayomer Moshe ichluhu hayom ki-Shabat hayom l'Adonay hayom lo timtsa'uhu basadeh.
16:26 You are to gather [this food] during the six weekdays, but the seventh day is the Sabbath, and on that [day] there will not be any.'
Sheshet yamim tilketuhu uvayom hashvi'i Shabat lo yiheyeh-bo.
16:27 Still, some people went out to gather [food] on Saturday, but they found nothing.
Vayehi bayom hashvi'i yats'u min-ha'am lilkot velo matsa'u.


  Literally, 'the seventh day.'

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