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19:23 Moses replied to God, 'The people cannot climb Mount Sinai. You already warned them to set a boundary around the mountain and to declare it sacred.'
Vayomer Moshe el-Adonay lo-yuchal ha'am la'alot el-har Sinay ki-atah ha'edotah banu lemor hagbel et-hahar vekidashto.
19:24 God said to him, 'Go down. You can then come [back] up along with Aaron. But the priests and the [other] people must not violate the boundary to go up to the Divine; if they do, He will send destruction among them.'
Vayomer elav Adonay lech-red ve'alita atah ve'Aharon imach vehakohanim veha'am al-yehersu la'alot el-Adonay pen-yifrots-bam.


come back up...
  See Exodus 24:12.

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