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  Ki Tisa
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 23:14  23:15
23:15 Keep the Festival of Matzahs. Eat matzahs for seven days, as I commanded you, during the prescribed time in the month of standing grain, since this is when you left Egypt.

Do not appear before Me empty-handed.
Et-chag hamatsot tishmor shiv'at yamim tochal matsot ka'asher tsiviticha lemo'ed chodesh ha'aviv ki-vo yatsata miMitsrayim velo-yera'u fanay reykam.

23:16 [Also keep] the Reaping Festival, through the first fruits of your produce that you planted in the field. [There is also] the Harvest Festival [right after] the end of the year, when you gather your produce from the field.
Vechag hakatsir bikurey ma'aseycha asher tizra basadeh vechag ha'asif betset hashanah be'ospecha et-ma'aseycha min-hasadeh.


Festival of Matzahs
  Or, 'festival of unleavened bread.' See Exodus 12:15, 13:6, 34:18, Leviticus 23:6, Deuteronomy 16:16.

Do not appear before Me...
  See Exodus 34:20, Deuteronomy 16:16.

reaping Festival
  This is Shavuoth (Rashi). See Exodus 34:22, Deuteronomy 16:10, 16:16.

through the first fruits...
  See Numbers 28:26. See Exodus 23:19.

Harvest Festival
  This is Sukkoth (Rashi). See Leviticus 23:34, Deuteronomy 16:13,16.

right after
  (Ibn Ezra). Sukkoth falls two weeks after the new year (Rosh HaShanah).

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