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Exodus Terumah
  Ki Tisa
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26:33 Place the cloth partition directly under the fastenings [holding the tapestries together].

Into the space behind this curtain you will bring the Ark of Testimony. This curtain will thus divide between the Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies.
Venatatah et-haparochet tachat hakrasim veheveta shamah mibeyt laparochet et Aron ha'Edut vehivdilah haparochet lachem beyn hakodesh uveyn kodesh hakodashim.

26:34 You will then place the cover on the Ark of Testimony in the Holy of Holies.
Venatata et-hakaporet al Aron ha'Edut beKodesh haKodashim.


under the fastenings
  This was 10 cubits from the inner wall. The Holy of Holies was therefore 10 x 10 cubits (15' x 15'). It was perfectly cubical in shape. (Bareitha 4).

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