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27:5 The screen shall be placed below the decorative border of the altar, extending downward until the middle of the altar.
Venatatah otah tachat karkov hamizbe'ach milematah vehayetah hareshet ad chatsi hamizbe'ach.
27:6 Make carrying poles for the altar out of acacia wood covered with a layer of copper.
Ve'asita vadim lamizbe'ach badey atsey shitim vetsipita otam nechoshet.


decorative border
  Or 'molding' (Zevachim 62a). According to those who maintained that the altar was 3 cubits high, this would be directly below the top of the altar. According to those who maintain that it was 10 cubits high, it was 3 cubits from the top of the altar.

The Septuagint translates karkov here as pureon, the place where the fire burns. Hence, the verse would then be translated, 'The [copper net] hearth shall be placed under the place where the fire burns.'

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