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29:2 loaves of unleavened bread, unleavened loaves kneaded with olive oil, and flat matzahs brushed with olive oil. All [the cakes] must be made of fine wheat flour.
Velechem matsot vechalot matsot blulot bashemen urkikey matsot meshuchim bashamen solet chitim ta'aseh otam.
29:3 Place [all the cakes] in a basket, and bring them in the basket along with the young bull and two rams.
Venatata otam al-sal echad vehikravta otam basal ve'et-hapar ve'et shney ha'eylim.


unleavened bread
  This is the revukhah or murbekheth mentioned in Leviticus 7:12 (Rashi; Menachoth 78a). It consists of dough, cooked in boiling water, baked, and then fried (Yad, Maaseh Korbanoth 9:19; Sifra on Leviticus 7:12). See Leviticus 6:14.

unleavened loaves...
  These were loaves kneaded with warm water and olive oil (Yad, Maaseh Korbanoth 13:8).

flat matzahs...
  Brushed with oil after baking (Yad, loc. cit.).

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