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29:36 Sacrifice a young bull as a sin offering each day for atonement. By sprinkling [the blood of this offering] on the altar, you will atone for [any misdeed associated with making] it, and by anointing it you will sanctify it.
Ufar chatat ta'aseh layom al-hakipurim vechiteta al-hamizbe'ach bechapercha alav umashachta oto lekadesho.
29:37 For [all] seven days, you shall make such atonement for the altar and sanctify it, thus making the altar holy of holies. Anything that touches the altar will therefore become sanctified.
Shiv'at yamim techaper al-hamizbe'ach vekidashta oto vehayah hamizbe'ach kodesh kodashim kol-hanogea bamizbe'ach yikedash.


sin offering
  See Leviticus 4.

each day
  (Ibn Ezra; Lekach Tov; Ralbag). Cf. Ezekiel 43:22.

By sprinkling
  (Rashi). Or 'atoning' (Radak, Sherashim).

for any misdeed...
  (cf. Rashi).

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