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Leviticus VaYikra
  Acharey Mot
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2:16 As a fire offering to God, the priest shall then burn the memorial portion taken from its coarse meal and oil, as well as all its frankincense.
Vehiktir hakohen et-azkaratah migirsah umishamnah al kol-levonatah isheh l'Adonay.
3:1 Fourth Reading
If one's sacrifice is a peace offering and it is from the cattle, he may offer either an unblemished male or an unblemished female before God.
Ve'im-zevach shlamim korbano im min-habakar hu makriv im-zachar im-nekevah tamim yakrivenu lifney Adonay.


peace offering
  Shelamim in Hebrew, shelem in the singular (Amos 5:22). See Exodus 24:5. From the word shalom, meaning peace. Or, 'fellowship offering' (Sifra; Radak, Sherashim; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah), 'repayment offering' (Rashbam; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah), or 'perfection offering' (Ibn Janach). Some say that it is the 'offering of a whole person' since it is not brought for sin (Ramban; Lekach Tov; Midrash HaGadol; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah).

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