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Leviticus Tsav
  Acharey Mot
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6:20 Any [food] touching [the sin offering] shall become sanctified.

If its blood splashes on any garment, it must be washed off in a sanctified area.
Kol asher-yiga bivsarah yikdash va'asher yizeh midamah al-habeged asher yizeh aleyha techabes bemakom kadosh.

6:21 Any clay pot in which it is cooked must be broken. However, if it is cooked in a copper pot, [the pot] may be purged and rinsed with water.
Uchli-cheres asher tevushal-bo yishaver ve'im-bichli nechoshet bushalah umorak veshutaf bamayim.


Any food...
  See note on Leviticus 6:11.

If its blood...
  (See Yad, Maaseh HaKorbanoth 8:1).

must be broken
  The taste is absorbed in the pot (see Leviticus 6:11), and after the prescribed time, it becomes forbidden as food (Rashi; Yad, Maaseh HaKorbanoth 8:11). It is from here that we learn that a clay pot absorbs the taste of food and it cannot be purged (Rashi; Zevachim 95b). See Leviticus 11:33, 15:12.

  In boiling water, to remove the taste of the offering (Zevachim 96b; Yad, Maaseh HaKorbanoth 8:12; Rashi). It is from here that we learn that pots contaminated with non-kosher food can be purged in boiling water. Also see Numbers 31:23.

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