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Leviticus Shemini
  Acharey Mot
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11:8 Do not eat the flesh of any of these animals. [At this time] do not touch their carcasses, since they are unclean to you.
Mibesaram lo tochelu uvenivlatam lo tiga'u tme'im hem lachem.
11:9 This is what you may eat of all that is in the water:

You may eat any creature that lives in the water, whether in seas or rivers, as long as it has fins and scales.
Et-zeh tochelu mikol asher bamayim kol asher-lo snapir vekaskeset bamayim bayamim uvanechalim otam tochelu.


At this time
  In the desert the Israelites had to maintain a standard of purity; cf. Numbers 5:2. Similarly, during festivals when the people gathered in Jerusalem, they were forbidden to defile themselves (Rosh HaShanah 16b; Rashbam). Although this was not actually a negative commandment, it would render a person unclean (Ramban).

seas or rivers
  Salt or fresh water (Midrash HaGadol; Ralbag).

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