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Genesis Lech Lecha
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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Lech Lecha

15:14 But I will finally bring judgment against the nation who enslaves them, and they will then leave with great wealth.
Vegam et-hagoy asher ya'avodu dan anochi ve'acharey-chen yets'u birechush gadol.
15:15 You shall join your fathers in peace, and you will be buried at a good old age.
Ve'atah tavo el-avoteycha beshalom tikaver beseyvah tovah.
15:16 The fourth generation will return here, since the Amorite's sin will not have run its course until then.'
Vedor revi'i yashuvu henah ki lo-shalem avon ha'Emori ad-henah.


fourth generation
  Levi came to Egypt. The four generations were then Levi, Kohath, Amram, Moses (cf. Rashi).

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